Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Inside Out team! This overview will serve as information to base further discussion about your possible employment at Inside Out.
Certification Requirements- To work in any capacity on an Inside Out program, there are some certifications that are mandatory

In camp programs: On a program that is entirely based at a facility you must, at a minimum, have the following certifications: Basic first aid/CPR and Epi-Pen administration certification, and a Non-Certified Personal copy of your Driving Records.

  • You can find options for the First Aid / CPR classes locally. American Heart Association and The American Red Cross are two accessible options. If you live near hendersonville, NC, contact our office for additional options.
  • Please Click Here for the Epi-Pen(American Red Cross) on-line certification.
  • Please Click Here to fill out the form for your Non-Certified Personal Driving Records.  Please forward us a copy when you have recieved yours.  It will cost $10.75.  

Out of Camp Programs: Any program in which you leave a camp facility with students requires a higher level of certification. This includes all day hikes in Dupont, and Backpacking programs. For these programs you must have a minimum of Wilderness First Aid, and Wilderness First Responder is prefered. You also must be certified in administering Epinephrine. Most WFA classes include training on Epi, but you must have a separate Epi administration certification for the State of NC. If you did not get this from your WFA class, you need to take the online Epi-Pen class. We strongly encourage anyone pursuing a career in Outdoor Education to get a Wilderness Advanced First Aid or First Responder certification. Check with WMA, WMI, or Solo for course availability.

Each Inside Out Program is different, and will require different skills. This document will cover the skills you will need for most programs, but it is not all inclusive. We do not expect staff members to be strong in all areas, or to possess every one of these skills. We ask that you are honest with us about your skill set, and that you are willing to develop skills that you do not now possess.

How the season works
We hire seasonal staff on a contract basis. Once we agree to hire you as a staff member, you will submit all programs you would like to work (taken from the upcoming season’s work list). Once we have this, we will assess which programs are available and a good match for your skill set, and send you a contract for those programs. At this point, you are entering into an agreement with Inside Out to work those programs. This means you have made a commitment to Inside Out to work those dates.

Programs differ with varying time frames and needs. When you look at the Season Work List, you will see that there is a “Dates and Pay” column on the table. This means that a day rate might be prorated on a day when the program ends early, or starts late. If we finish later than the planned time, your pay will not be recalculated, but likewise if we finish early, the same applies. Pay for most first time staff starts at $90 - $100 a day.

Successful Characteristics for Inside Out Staff
We have found that staff members with these characteristics have the most success with our program and receive the most positive feedback from our clients:

  • Energy: showing up for work on an Inside Out program means you are ready to give 110% to the program. Having / showing your enthusiasm for working with youth is so important. We have only one chance with each program to give them our best.
  • Buy In- invested in the goals of our programs (which vary from school to school) rather than operating under their own intentions, or motivations. 
  • Competence: having strong foundational technical skills so they can focus on their interactions with students and teachers
  • Professional: show up to the program having read and understood all provided materials, ready and excited to work.

Inside Out works with our client school in the long term. We have had some of our schools for 23 years. We retain our schools is by having a staff that is willing to make each program a priority. You might work 15 programs over the course of a season, but the schools only have one program. Our goal as an organization is to make each program as perfect and amazing as possible.

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