Why Experiential Education?

Experiential Education aims to grow and nurture connections with its participants to one another, the world, and their place in the world - Beyond what their phones or Siri says. It is a learning process that fosters lessons in addressing conflict with more patience, kindness, and to approach problems with group-oriented solutions.

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Make authentic connections and gain a deeper understanding of the world.
Using an experiential education framework, students are the ones driving and leading their experiences throughout the learning process.  Inside Out believes these experiences, combined with reflection, are crucial for empowering students. This allows students to take control of their learning process, fosters a spirit of curiosity, and spurs a sense of accomplishment. These experiences result in meaningful and applicable life-lessons outside of Inside Out programming.

Turn Your Classroom Inside Out
Our goal at Inside Out is that participants find themselves trying new things, embracing challenges, demonstrating compassion, and connecting with the natural world around them.  And, of course, fun will be had along the way.

Benefits of Experiential Learning