What always surprises me about Inside Out is the incredible capacity for caring and safety provided by the counselors. Before camp, most students are not comfortable stepping out of the social constraints of middle school. At camp, the students are put into day groups of eight to ten. Within these groups, each counselor quickly creates a safe place to take risks and share feelings. In just a few days of Inside Out activities, these acquaintances have formed bonds that they carry with them back to school.  Because of the incredible leaders at Inside Out, students learn to encourage each other, work together, and reflect on their accomplishments.

Middle School Science and Yearbook Adviser

The team at Inside Out does a fantastic job of bringing a group "out of the box" and to a place where ideas and communication can flow...After our retreat with Inside Out, people were speaking up about what roles they were comfortable with and how they could contribute on a personal level, and, more importantly, they were supporting and encouraging one another.  Best of all...it was fun!!

Board Member, The Center for Disordered Eating

Inside Out has done an outstanding job of preparing thoughtfully designed, developmentally appropriate, and engaging programs for many years. We have consistently been impressed by Inside Out's planning and organization, their continuing drive to make the student experience better, and the wonderful facilitators whom they hire. Our school frequently receives pitches from other organizations who offer to work with us to develop outdoor experiences for our students, but we would never dream of working with anyone other than Inside Out!  

Middle School Head

Our school places an emphasis on experiential learning from fourth grade until graduation.  Often the mountain trip that Inside Out craftily designs is one of the students' all-time favorite field studies.  The students get to be kids, to learn about nature, to work cooperatively, to connect to The Education of Little Tree, and to enjoy bonding with each other, the school chaperones, and the impressive mentors.  This trip is the perfect way to end each school year!

7th Grade