Monica Barrios


As co-founder and owner of Inside Out for over 25 years, Monica has worn all the hats in providing experiential education programs. Monica's passion for outdoor education began when she moved to the mountains of western North Carolina from the Bayou Lafourche area  of south Louisiana. She vividly remembers that first visit in 1989 and falling in love with the area. She continues to love her home here and the beautiful scenery WNC has to offer. Monica first came to the mountains as a summer camp counselor and instructor. She got to experience first-hand activities such as team-building, rock-climbing, hiking and backpacking. Her enthusiasm for learning and sharing her knowledge grew from there. After moving to the area full-time, Monica took a job as an outdoor education instructor to pursue her new-found passion in experiential education. After working four years, learning from great mentors and leading a variety of trips, Monica co-founded Inside Out in 1994. Under her leadership, the business has grown over the years, both in size and strength. Monica's enthusiasm is the driving force behind the success of Inside Out. Her experience in the field ensures all Inside Out groups that they are in the hands of a well-trained professional. Monica holds a current certification as a wilderness first responder and sits on the board of directors for Camplify


Jacob “Yakbo” Ambrose 
Program Coordinator


Jacob “Yakbo” Ambrose has been involved with leading/interacting with youth in the outdoors since 2015.  Starting in the distant lands of Kerrville, Texas, he has been inspiring students that the outdoors is not just where you go to avoid video games, but in fact the next step in their own grand adventures.  Disembarking from Texas, Yakbo taught outdoor education at Pali Institute in the San Bernadino National Forest in Southern California.  After falling in love with the mountains, Yakbo saddled up and headed East in 2017 and wound up in Hendersonville, North Carolina, where you will catch him outside, or inside, upside, or downside, excited to learn about this fascinating area and great people.


 Insdie Out Staff

Inside Out employs a variety of outdoor professionals who bring diverse experiences and areas of expertise to the program. All Inside Out Instructors share a love of facilitation, experiential education, and nature connection. Defining and creating exceptional learning experiences for our clients are aspects that Inside Out Instructors love about their jobs. Please read on to learn more about some of the professionals you may meet on an Inside Out program.

Ruby Compton

ruby photo web

Ruby has worked over fifteen years in the outdoor industry in summer camp and environmental education. Her favorite Inside Out activity is Discovery Hike and she always has a magnifying glass and a notebook with her when exploring the woods. When she isn't working at Inside Out, she loves to trail run, paddle, cycle, geocache, and backpack. 

Certifications: Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater Rescue, Lifeguarding, Commercial Driver

Connor Ross
staff connor

Connor grew up in the mountains of Eastern Oregon surrounded by hiking and mountain biking trails. From an early age heI cultivated a love for exploring the natural world, which in turn lead to working in wilderness therapy and as a backcountry guide. Nature can teach, heal and foster growth as much as any human endeavor. I see my role as simply facilitating that connection, while also carrying the first aid kit and trying to keep us on the map. When I’m not working for Inside Out you might see me exploring an urban waterway or fixing something broken.

Certifications: Wilderness First Responder, ACA Canoe/Kayak Instructor

Favorite IO Activity: Thestral Egg

Jordan Doty

Jordan Doty web

Jordan enjoys rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking, camping, surfing and all forms of travel related adventure!

Certifications: CPR, First Aid, Life Guard

Favorite IO activity: Definitely raft building! I love to watch the teams work together to accomplish a goal and then try it out on the water!

Corey Hinson

Corey has been involved in  multiple positions in the outdoor industry over the last 5 years,  He has found himself settling down into to his passion for woodwork. He still appreciates his time as a naturalist, mentor, guide, and so much more; he considers Inside Out to be a platform for his love of the outdoors and a chance to give back to the community in the form of education. "Over the years, I have truly grown to appreciate every facet of Inside Out. Whether it be a stroll through the woods or The Most Dangerous Game, there is so much to learn about not only the environment around us but the condition of what is within us. I find most times as the teacher I am actually the student."

Certifications: Wilderness First Responder

Favorite IO activity: The most dangerous game!

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