Teambuilding in your workplace is the best investment you'll ever make. This affordable investment results in higher employee-engagement and efficiency.

Why now?

 Is your team...

  • scheduling quarterly or annual team / company meetings?
  • hosting board retreats?
  • onboarding new employees?
  • promoting team leaders?
  • offering training sessions for staff or volunteers?
  • struggling to function together?
  • promoting a fun workplace?



What Can I Expect

What can I expect during an Inside Out program?

  • Community building - icebreakers and introductions
  • Expectation setting - people learn better when they feel they understand the parameters
  • Respectful communication - practicing verbal and non-verbal sharing and listening
  • Challenges - without being pushed outside the comfort zone, group members cannot grow
  • Reflection - reviewing and sharing about the experience, because this is where the real learning happens

Every Inside Out program can be highly customized to best address the needs and desired outcomes for the group.

What can I expect from my team after Inside Out?

  • more leadership among teammates
  • greater ownership of team dynamics and goals
  • higher creativity when brainstorming and problem-solving
  • smoother channels for candid dialogue about current group perceptions and attitudes

 When a team finds balance, the work environment and process is productive and healthy. These are the foundations upon which effective teams are built. Inside Out believes that every person possesses a capacity for leadership and contribution.

How long does great team building take?

Whether it is a 45-minute kick-off for a meeting to a full-day intensive experience, Inside Out carefully chooses and sequences activities to focus and energize your team and customizes to your time frame and objectives.

Longer programs can be done throughout your retreat or multi-day event and can be at your facility, a nearby park, your event facility, or a location determined together. 


The team at Inside Out does a fantastic job of bringing a group "out of the box" and to a place where ideas and communication can flow...After our retreat with Inside Out, people were speaking up about what roles they were comfortable with and how they could contribute on a personal level, and, more importantly, they were supporting and encouraging one another.  Best of was fun!!
Marybeth Burns
Board Member, The Center for Disordered Eating

Groups we've worked with include:

Thermo Fisher Scientific–Asheville, NC

Volvo Construction Company–Asheville, NC

The Workout Company–Houma, LA

Summit Marketing Group-Hendersonville, NC

Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce-Hendersonville, NC

The Center for Disordered Eating-Asheville, NC

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